Mission Statement

After everyone has left the conference room and the ink on the documents has
dried, it is my hope that Brent E. Baris, P.A. provided exceptional customer
service throughout the process.

Brent E. Baris, P.A is a business. As such, it competes with other businesses
based upon customer service. I know that in my experience I seldom encounter
a business that consistently impresses me with their customer service. When I
do, I faithfully use them and tell others of my unusual find.

The mission statement of Brent E. Baris, P.A is simple. We will consistently
provide exceptional customer service. I expect and have empowered my staff to
go above and beyond. Should we not live up to our mantra, please tell me.

                                                                                                    Brent Baris
Brent E. Baris, P.A.
A Law Firm Dedicated to Real Estate Matters
Serving North Central Florida

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