Brent Baris attended the University of Florida for undergraduate studies then attended and graduated from Stetson University, College of Law, in 1996. For the first five years of his law career, Brent worked at a boutique law firm in Palm City, Florida specializing in employment discrimination and commercial litigation. In 1999, Brent formed Brent E. Baris P.A., primarily aimed to help friends and family with real estate transactions. In 2002, his interest in home renovations and the real estate market prompted his decision to earn his General Contractor license. While renovating historic homes in South Tampa his firm continued to grow, helping others with real estate matters. In 2006, Brent returned to the Gator Nation where he built Brent E. Baris. P.A. into a multi-office, title insurance juggernaut that served clients throughout the state. The firm consistently received awards from its underwriter for the volume of business it conducted. Brent sold Brent E. Baris. P.A. at the end of 2022 to focus his time on his family. For intellectual stimulation and enjoyment, Brent still represents a few clients a year through Baris Law, PLLC.


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